Shenzhen ORICO Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, and its brand ORICO is an innovative national high-tech enterprise focusing on USB data transmission and USB charging technology. In ORICO, from product to service, we insist on seeking truth and being pragmatic. We have pioneering thinking and not constrained, and we are striving for great mission from every subtle changes. ORICO has the manufacturing strength of R&D, design and production of the entire industrial chain. It also has the R&D strength for timely tracking and research of new technologies, as well as the simultaneous development of online platforms and offline channels, and complementary global sales networks. There is also a "two-week research and development, one-week production, MOQ of one" featured 211 service; continue to export USB and consumer electronics products for the market, while quickly capture and reflect market changes, and constantly upgrade products and services.

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